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  Toukokuun pilvet (1999): Movie

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This is a movie within movie, which is almost recursive, i.e., the movie inside looks like director Ceylan's previous movie, Kasaba. It is about the movie director, Muzaffer, going back to his hometown to make a movie using a cast of local people. While Muzaffer is around, his mother complains about simple health problems, his father is in a legal fight against the government for his land, his cousin gets out of his job to help Muzaffer who promises him to find a job in Istanbul, and his little cousin Ali tries to carry an egg in his pocket for 40 days so that he'll get the watch of his dreams. In the meantime, they get to form the cast for Muzaffer's movie as well.


Date of Release :  Jan 01,1999

Movies Genres :  Hollywood Movies | Drama | Comedy

Movies Size :  Size: 1085.44 MB

Movies Length :  Length: 130 Minute(s)

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