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I'm gonna live stream your death, for the whole world to see.

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The Dark Days of Demetrius is the sixth full length feature from Denver auteur filmmaker Dakota Ray. The film is a disturbing, lo-fi horror film revolving around the exploits of Demetrius (Dakota Ray), an elusive, narcissistic, serial killer who has gained stardom from live streaming the murders of his victims online, with the press dubbing him as "The Live Stream Killer". Conflict arises when Demetrius conducts an anonymous interview with corrupt news reporter Clive. To the dismay of Demetrius, Clive fabricates the interview and begins framing Demetrius for murders that he did not commit. As the body count rises, the viewer is taken on a cinematic decent into evil, violence, death. narcissism, and corruption.


Date of Release :  Sep 23,2019

Movies Genres :  Hollywood Movies | Horror

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