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  The Dark Angel: Psycho Kickboxer: Movie

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5-Time World Kickboxing Champion Curtis Bush plays Alex Hunter, an up-and-coming kickboxer whose fiancé and father are brutally murdered by the city's cold-blooded and sadistic crime boss, and he himself tortured and left for dead. Discovered and nursed back to health by a wheelchair-bound Vietnam Vet who becomes his mentor, Alex is transformed into an avenging streetfighter - a one man vigilante and skull-cracking killing machine known as...The Dark Angel. Using controlled fury and a hunger for revenge to seek bloody retribution against low-life criminal scum, Alex's ultimate target is the untouchable crime boss. But a beautiful tabloid journalist who seeks to uncover the true identity of The Dark Angel is hot on the trail, yet that won't stop Alex from exacting his "eye for an eye". First, he must enter the Arena of Death and destroy one-by-one the most savage and deadly fighters imported from around the world by the crime boss...


Date of Release :  Jun 28,1998

Movies Genres :  Hollywood Movies | Drama | Action

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