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  Ilona Arrives with the Rain: Movie

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Ratings:  7.2 / 10  from  5  users

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A dangerous romance full of international intrigue

 Movie Storyline

Maqroll, Ilona, and Abdul all share a common dream: to sail the world in a tramp-steamer. But who could afford such a thing? Over the years they have become separated. Alone in Panama City, smuggler Maqroll is finding neither great success nor happiness — until the tropical rains come, bringing Ilona: friend, lover, and partner in crime. Abdul, in Morocco, has found a steamer to suit them. In Panama, Ilona and Maqroll begin a new scheme, in search of impossible wealth. But fate has further twists in store.


Date of Release :  Sep 06,1996

Movies Genres :  Hollywood Movies | Drama | Romance

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