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  Chris Hardwick: Mandroid (2012): Movie

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Ratings:  7.4 / 10  from  7  users

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Hipsters beware: there is no irony in Hardwick’s affinity for Captain Picard, Comic-Con and the Atari 2600. Filmed at Skirball Center for Performing Arts in New York City, “Chris Hardwick: Mandroid” features candid comedy tales that cover virginity, chess club, shark vaginas, awkward childhood, awkward adulthood (which in this case is an extension of awkward childhood) and a myriad of other topics which may or may not include Quidditch. From unearthing his old MySpace page to the futility of attempting to delete his Facebook account, Hardwick displays his comical approach to all things trivial in the digital era, all while #hashtagging completely out of context.


Date of Release :  Nov 10,2012

Movies Genres :  Hollywood Movies | Comedy

Movies Length :  Length: 63 Minute(s)

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